MBG means "Money Back Guarantee", an unprecedented concept within the fruit business. It means every customer who makes a purchase at MBG's outlets can be refunded within 7 days(with a receipt/proof of purchase) should they be not satisfied with the quality of their purchase.
MBG is a Quality Value-driven leader in the Malaysia fruit shop chain that we promise quality as a priority. MBG carries 250 varieties of fresh fruits including local and imported fruits. We are also well-known for our fruit basket, fresh fruit juices and cut fruits.

MBG Member Fruitsome Rewards 2016

Everyday Fresh
MBG has always place high priority in our shop concept. Quality has been our main focus - thus our shop design and products are carefully selected. More than just a fruit shop, MBG prides in its exceptional standard in the fruit industry. MBG sells not only fresh fruits but a range of fruit-orientated products as well.