It all began when Adnan Lee’s grandfather emigrated from China and became a fruit seller in Petaling Street in 1950s. The business was handed over to Lee’s father, who started a fruit stall at a market in the Bukit Bintang area where Lot 10 is located, in the 1990s.
It was 1994 that Lee officially took over. Then in 2005, he opened his first store in a shopping mall in Avenue K, Jalan Ampang. He now has 17 outlets throughout the Klang Valley and Malacca and the number is still increasing.

Year 1975

The first stall location was at Jalan Petaling which was formally known as Petaling Street – an area renowned as an early trading centre in Kuala Lumpur until today.

Year 1985

The business was later passed down to Mr. Lee Ying Cheong (Adnan’s father). He opened a fruit store in the Bukit Bintang area where Lot 10 shopping centre is located (one of the capital city’s famous landmark built in the 90s).

Year 1994

The first small store was opened at Pasar Bukit Bintang when Mr Adnan Lee was 19 years old.

Year 2004

The business was given a new breath and grew by leaps and bounds under Mr Adnan when he took over the business officially in 1995. His first success was the opening of the first MBG fruits outlet in Avenue K shopping mall located at Jalan Ampang in 2004.

Year 2010

MBG subsequently expanded its outlet by opening in Klang Valley, Malacca and China (in Xiamen, China in 2010). Accolades and awards followed naturally.

Year 2011

MBG Fruits has 18 over outlets and Mr Adnan has planned to open more outlets within and outside the country.

Year 2012

In 2012, MBG opened a new headquarter in Kota Damansara for better business operations and developed the management team.

Year 2013

In 2013, MBG focused on staff development. Talent Community Club was the formed and first edition of MBG Achievement magazine was launched.

Year 2014

In 2014, MBG launched Staff Transformation Entrepreneur Program (STEP) from franchise model.