Dusun Eco Resort Paintball – MBG Outdoor Activities

May 26th, 2011

Is month of May, time to reward MBG top performers, this round MBG Fruit Shop management choose Dusun Eco Resort as the venue for MBG staff outing. The theme of the day out will be paintball game. The day out was fixed on 23-May-2011, Monday. There were 13 of the top performance and accompany by Mr. Adnan Lee, our managing director attended Dusun Eco Resort Paintball session.


The staffs gathered at 8am and reached Dusun Eco Resort around 11am. Everybody was very excited and couldn’t wait to feel the paintball action, fun and excitement.


What is paintball game?

A bit history about paintball game, paintball game is a recreational sport that was created in the USA in the early 80’s. Paintball is played in over 35 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and life styles. The game consists of two groups of people striving to fulfill a specific scenario shooting at each other with paintball guns. Scenario paintball game is based on a storyline or theme. Normally, there are two or more large “armies” in each scenario game. The object of the game is to earn the most points by completing “missions”, eliminating opponents, etc.


After briefing by the trainer, we seperated into 2 groups and all of us were gear up.


Everyone was ready to rock and roll.



The game started, each team started to attack opponent bunker, try to capture the flag with full team work and support each others. This is one of the objective why we choose paintball as the team building tool.




Beside paintball, Dusun Eco Resort also provide flying fox and Vietnam Bridge for those seeking more adrenaline rush. Of course our team did participate this challenge as well.

Vietnam Bridge
Participants need to balance their way across this bridge.



Flying Fox
This activity allows the participant to emulate the feeling of flying through the air with the cool wind in your face.




That’s all about May outdoor activities, stay tune for the next month outing, you can always follow us @twitter.com/mbgfruit or like us at facebook.com/mbgfruit .