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by MBG Online on December 22, 2023

It's been a year and MBG Fruitsome Redemption is here again. Now you can redeem your points for these awesome prizes. 

Redemption is from 1st December to 31st December 2023

The submission will be processed and prize will be ready for collection at your chosen outlet on 2nd week of January 2024. Points that have been redeemed will be notified via Email or Apps notifications. 

 Now let's check our redemption prizes!!


1 MBG Fruit Juice No.3 - No.6 300 Points
2 MBG Online RM20 voucher 500 Points
3 MBG Online RM50 voucher 1,000 Points
4 MBG Fruit Box (Grapify Mini box) 1,500 Points
5 MBG Fruit Basket 3,000 Points
6 Dessini Air Fryer 5,000 Points
7 Dessini Cookware Set (12pcs) 7,000 Points
8 Tefal Juicer 10,000 Points
9 Habib Gold Bar (0.5g) 20,000 Points


How to redeem?

  1. Visit to the MBG Apps
  2. Click ‘Deals’
  3. Pick items and proceed to redeem 
  4. Click link to fill information as requested
  5. Submit application form via e-form
  6. Pick your selected items and preferred Outlet before 31th December 2023