Tropical and Exotic Fruits

Thailand Mango Susu Gold (M)

RM20.00 RM12.90

Thailand Mango Gold Lily (M)

RM23.90 RM14.90

Malaysia Sweet Soursop [1KG+-/Pc]

RM69.90 RM29.90

Malaysia Crystal Guava (L)

RM15.90 RM13.90

Thailand Longan [1KG/Pack]

RM15.90 RM12.90

Thailand Ciku [18Pcs/Pack]

RM14.90 RM9.90

Australia Mango (L)

RM29.90 RM19.90

Colombia Yellow Dragon Fruit (M)

RM34.90 RM25.90

Vietnam White Dragon Fruit (M)

RM19.90 RM13.90

Malaysia Star Fruit [8Pcs/Pack]

RM14.90 RM7.50

Thailand Mango Susu (M)

RM20.00 RM11.90