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Ai Wen Mango (Thailand)

by MBG Online on January 10, 2023

Product of Thailand. Ai Wen Mango (Thailand) has smooth eye-catching dark red blush skin at maturity. It is especially popular with Asians for its fiberless and sweet pleasant aroma.

The Ai wen Mango is juicy, brightly yellow flesh,  sweet and creamy when ripe, typically accompanied by sweet sticky rice, is regarded as the gastronomic holy grail for the summer season.

The 'Chok Anan' mango, sometimes spelled Chocanon is a sweet mango from Thailand. It has an oval shape and tapered tips. The ripe fruit and flesh are light yellow and have a sweet taste. Chok Anan is also called a “honey mango”.

Chok Anan’ mangoes are mainly produced in the northern part of Thailand for the domestic fresh market and small scale processing. It is appreciated for its light to bright yellow color and its sweet taste.