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Baby Mandarin

by MBG Online on April 24, 2020

Baby Mandarin Orange (Citrus kinokuni ex Tanaka) is a variety of Mandarin orange, found in Southern China and also grown in Japan where it is known as Mukaku-Kishu. It is not closely related to the common orange.

They are also known as Cherry Mandarin, Tiny Tangerine, Mini Mandarin and Kishu Mandarin. All of these names refer to the same kind and hail from the same unique geographical area. It is shaped like an orange, between 25 and 50 mm in diameter. The fruit’s orange skin is thin and smooth. It is almost seedless, tender, sweet and extremely juicy.

The Taste

Now the taste is really sour since it’s not yet in seasons. By January-February (in-season) the taste should be is very sweet and offers a high percentage of vitamin C. The fruit is enveloped in a thin skin (0,11 cm) and has 7–19 sections. They are almost seedless.

How to Peel

Use both hands with thumbnails at the top and gently breaking it in two. Then the skin is peeled away.


Compared to oranges, mandarins are easy to peel and separate into individual sections. The clementine’s, being seedless, are a perfect snack for young children.

Health Benefits

Vitamin C:

Like most citrus, Mandarins also contain a high level of Vitamin C which provides a number of health benefits.  Vitamin C helps to fight a number of unstable molecules in our body known as free radicals through its antioxidant properties. We all are aware of the fact that free radicals in the body can lead to infectious disease and cancer. The antioxidants present in mandarins disarm free radical and prevent cellular damage.

Cholesterol Problems

We Malaysian has common health issue as cholesterol. Mandarins produce synephrine which curbs the production of cholesterol in the body. The antioxidants present in Mandarin help to lower bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol. Mandarins combat the free radicals that oxidize the cholesterol which makes the cholesterol to stick to the artery walls. Further, they contain soluble and insoluble fiber like hemicellulose and pectin which prevents cholesterol absorption in the gut.

Weight Loss

You guys must like this. Mandarins are a substantial source of fiber. Fibre-rich foods keep the stomach full for a longer period of time and reduce the desire or need to eat more food, assisting in weight loss. Doctors have found that eating mandarin oranges benefits to lower insulin, thus instead of storing sugar and converting them to fats, it uses it as a fuel that leads to weight loss.

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