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Hokkaido Melon, Melts Your Heart

by MBG Online on December 11, 2020


Hokkaido Melon Arrives at MBG Fruitshop

Get everyone’s favorite sweetest and most delicious melon all the way from Hokkaido. Weighing at 1.3kg to 1.6 kg, the unforgettable Hokkaido Melon passed the brix test at 18.3 – considered the sweetest melon available.

The Hokaiddon Melon sports a round shape with the skin of netting pattern. It's deep orange-fleshed melon is really sweet. In Japan, it has become the Japanese favorite for giving as a “sweet and warm gift of thanks” to friends or bosses.

Anyway, you eat it, you will fall in love with the Hokkaido melon as the sweetness will melt in your mouths and your hearts.


In Japan, the melon is known as the King of Fruit for its great aroma and mellow sweetness.

Hokkaido grows the second largest amount of melons in all of Japan. They are shipped throughout Japan primarily in July and are popular as a gift item.

The fun way to eat:

Best to keep in the melon in the fridge for 3 hours and eat it cold with a metal spoon. Cut and scoop to eat or serve with snacks and salad for a creative sweet meal.

Growing Hokkaido Melons

Best grown between 25 & 28 degrees Celsius.
• Melons prefer a dry climate. Hokkaido an ideal growing area. Melons consume the energy they produced during the daytime through photosynthesis, but the nights are cool in Hokkaido which is a great advantage.
• Best grown in native soil which is rich with volcanic ash. Water can permeate the dark volcanic soil very quickly, allowing for the soil to remain dry - generally an important condition in determining the melon's size.
• These combined characteristics make the environment unmatched in Hokkaido and "perfect for growing sweet melons."

Health Benefits of Melons

1. It is an excellent summer fruit that helps combat the heat in the body and aids in preventing heat-related disorders.

2. Being a good source of dietary fiber, the fruit aids to prevent constipation.

3. The potassium content in melons helps to bring down the high blood pressure and also aids in sodium excretion and age-related bone loss.

4. Melons are a great fruit for weight reduction.

5. Vitamin A in melons helps to maintain healthy skin and hair.

6. Being a rich source of vitamin C, it helps to prevent chronic diseases.

7. Cantaloupe juice helps to treat acidity and gastrointestinal ulcers.

8. Melon is cholesterol-free and considered to be good fruit for blood cholesterol patients.