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Jade Cherry, Chewy & Juicy

by CS MBG on May 29, 2020

Good day everybody! Did you know it is summer time in china? The best time for this China Jade Purse Lychee. It’s named because of its large fruits and the thick meat within. The seed is small in this cultivar. Jade purse lychee tastes the best when it’s 80% ripe.

The Taste
They are sweet, juicy and has chewy fat flesh. It’s really enjoyable to eat just like that. Ready with your tissue as the juice is going to overflow just by one bit of it. Plus the seed in it is considered small for a lychee so it’s more fun to eat.
Eating Tips

A perfect treat on a hot weather. Tips: place them in an ice bucket and served them chilled for more refreshing taste!