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Juicy of Tango Mandarin

by MBG Online on November 26, 2021

Tango Mandarins are a triple threat: seedless, juicy and sweet/tart! They are medium in size with a squat shape and smooth skin. They have a thin orange rind that is easy to peel. They also have a juicy flesh that is seedless, and offers a sweet-tart flavor. These are excellent for eating out of hand as well as for juicing or for making jam. 


The fruit is similar to Nadorcott (Afourer) and Murcott in appearance and quality, but is much more likely to be seedless.

Growers are attracted to Tangold because it is virtually seedless, and is pollen-sterile which means it will not cause seeds in neighbouring orchards.

Tangold is a lovely mandarin, easy to peel, sweet and with a good acid balance and depth of flavour. In the early season, Tangold can be quite tangy.

Quality Check:

  • Green tinge on peel: no problem
  • Puffy or soft fruit: avoid
  • Fruit should be firm with a fairly tight peel

Origin: The Nadorcott variety is the result of a chance cross-pollination of an unknown variety with Murcott Clementine. It was discovered in 1982 by El Bachir Nadori at an experimental station in Afourer, Morocco. The original discovery was a very seedy, though tasty fruit, but by 1988 a seedless version was being produced by isolating trees from cross pollination, which was then given the name Afourer.