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Mangberry Pudding

by MBG Online on April 19, 2017

Here's the time for MBG Fruity Recipe. This time we would like to share another recipe named "MangBerry Pudding". It's actually a Mango & Strawberry Pudding. The deliciously healthy recipe, special from our sweet little fruity Chef "Nana". She really loves fruits. 

And of course, we are going to use fresh fruits as well. Check out the recipe below and also the video for your temptation pleasure.

1 cup mango juice
1 tsp Gelatin
Stir & put in microwave for 1 minute
Put half in the cup
Chill for 2-3 hour

5-6 pcs strawberry
½ cup milk
Then blend it
Cook all the ingredient
Then add
½ cup sugar
½ Heavy Cream


Hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to try it yourself.