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Melon Manis Terengganu

by MBG Online on August 01, 2017

The 5 Star rated since melon 2012 by the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (DOA) from Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia. Also recognized as the finest melon product locally. MBG Fruitshop has collaborated with the producer of Melon Manis Terengganu in introducing this exclusive local Melon to a consumer. We launch the Melon Manis Terengganu “fruit tasting” during Mac at MBG Fruitshop in IOI City Mall Putrajaya and got a warm welcome from the crowd.

As its name, this melon originates from Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia. The project is hosted & worked out by the Department of Agriculture itself and production are at Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM). This project is deemed as the successful project in producing an exclusive melon with limited production due to strict quality control.

This melon is an available year long but the peak seasons which the best taste will in February.

This melon weighing 1.0 kg to 1.8 kg per melon

The texture is firm, crunchy & fair sweet. Sure melt your heart.

• Melon is only 60 calories per cup and is composed of about 90% water.
• It is a good source of vitamin C and has potassium content comparable to that of a banana, with fewer calories.
• Honeydew is also a source of B vitamins thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid, as well as the trace mineral copper.

Health Benefits:
• The combination of its high water content and potassium levels make honeydew melon effective at maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.
• As honeydew contains both vitamin C and copper, they promote healthy skin by aiding collagen production and tissue repair.