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Nabeez Drink, Perfect for Fasting

by MBG Online on May 22, 2017

 In keeping with the Ramadan theme in MBG Recipe, we explore the menu of the dates. We bring to best and amazing nutritional benefits of this fruit and its references with Muslims.

Let's watch the video recipe

This recipe is very simple and yet so much health benefits can be gain from this recipe. Let's how to prepare this drink.

Step 1: Take 3 dates and remove their seeds
Step 2: Shred them and put in a glass/bottle
Step 3: Pour boiled water 500ml to 1litre into the glass/bottle
Step 4: Cover them with lid
Step 5: Soak them overnight

Then you drink are ready to be consumed.

This drink is great for the Muslims who want's to keep energetic during their fasting.

It is an alkalizing tonic, having the tendency to remove acidity from the stomach and digestive system; and it also helps to remove other metabolic wastes from the body. It improves digestion- as it’s high in soluble fiber, and it strengthens the memory. It assists the spleen function, liver, throat, chest and prostate, and so is particularly good for men. Nabeez will also benefit patients of Arthritis and elevated levels of Uric Acid (gout).

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