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NONI GOLD - Miracle Cells Repair Activator

by eCom Team on March 14, 2017

Noni Gold

Miracle Cells Repair Activator

Noni Fruit
Noni is indigenous to many tropical places, and is certainly not new to mankind. It has been used for centuries by traditional healers that knew of the many health-giving properties of this fruit.

It contains very rich Xeronine, which can be (take away ‘be’) supplement the human body with abundant xeronine (why repeat again ‘xeronine’?), and activate the body’s immune system, as well as kicking start self-healing function of special cells.

What Are Xeronines?
Xeronine was discovered in 1950's (take away ‘s) by Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a Ph.D. Biochemist. It has great importance for the proper functioning of all cells in the body. Xeronine has the capability to modify the molecular structure of proteins, thereby regulating the protein in our body to fold into proper conformation to work correctly.


Benefits of Noni Gold

  • Helps body systems function normally
  • Increases the ability of cell to detox 
  • Regulates proper cell function
  • Repairs damaged cells
  • Aids in reducing Type 2 diabetes
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Eliminates free radicals in our body
  • Enhances food absorption
  • Protects us from viral and bacterial attacks
  • Manages body weight
  • Facilitates better sleep
  • Helps improve cerebral blood flow and memory functions
  • Relieves pain as an analgesic
  • Protects our skin, hair, and scalp
  • Effective in curing gout
  • Helps prevent cerebral ischemic stress

Research and Observation

Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a Ph.D. Biochemist. “Father of Noni”
As a researcher in Hawaii, Dr. Ralph Heinicke became aware of the marvelous benefits of the Noni Fruit and set out to find the pharmacologically active ingredient of the noni. Dr. Heinicke
“Drinking noni Enzyme may help address some problems such as high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, arthritis, gastric ulcers, sprains, injuries, mental depression, senility, poor digestion, atherosclerosis, blood vessel problems, drug addiction, relief of pain, and many others," said Dr. Heinicke.

Dr. Neil Solomon M.D., Ph.D
Dr. Solomon has studied Noni for nearly a decade. He is considered a recognized leader in nutrition and nutraceuticals, and is the foremost expert on Noni fruits His books on Noni has sold over a million copies in the US alone.

The OFALtech 369 technology
MBG Noni Gold Enzymes are brewed using the OFALtech 369 technology which originates from Japan. The tropical climate in Malaysia made it the optimal setting for brewing high quality, high energy beverages.
The ideal climate gives the beverages their own special mellow taste, which is aromatic and smooth on the throat. With the OFALtech 369 technology, the fermentation period goes through 3 major stages.
The first phase lasts for 3 weeks, where the extraction of the nutrients begins with aspergillus oryzae (fungus). Next, the brew will go through 6 weeks of fermentation. The final stage, which is the most critical and lasts for around 9 months, the alcohol is removed from the brew.