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Pakistan Mango, Takes on Heat

by MBG Online on July 05, 2017

Taste of mangoes from India and Pakistan can never be forgotten. India mango seasons are almost over but not to worry, at MBG Fruitshop now we have Pakistan Mango. Still the best mango available in the world. The Pakistan mango just started and the mangoes are still not fully ripen yet but they are ready to be purchase now, of course at MBG Fruitshop.


The king of fruits is grown in Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan, are available in abundance from May to September

The Taste

They taste are sweet when fully ripe, the smell is awesome. Very fragrant and you will notice the smell once you guys enter to our shop. How to know when it’s the best time to consume the mangos? Check out below.

When will it be ripe?

  • Don't focus on color. It is not the best indicator of ripeness. Plus Pakistan mango turns yellow just about 50%.
  • Squeeze the mango gently. A ripe mango will give slightly bit rather than hard.
  • Use your experience with products such as peaches or avocados, which also become softer as they ripen.
  • This mango will have a fragrant aroma.

Health Benefits:

Mangoes contain sugar, an important source of vitamin A, and contain vitamins B and C. Small amounts of protein, iron, calcium, and phosphorus are also present.