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Rainbow Gold, Soft & Sweet

by MBG Online on September 11, 2020

The sweet mango, juicy Rainbow Golden Mango is a relative of the ordinary mango. It is also known as the “Nam Dok Mai”. This mango contains large quantities of vitamin C. The fruit has an attractive curvy “S” shape, a creamy yellow skin and soft yellow flesh. This fruit has a much flatter stone than the ordinary mango and is a true taste sensation.

The elongated Rainbow Golden Mango is native to Thailand, where it grows on trees as much as 35 m high.

The flesh is soft, juicy and sweet and, unlike ordinary mangoes, is not fibrous. Rainbow Golden Mango has a slight honey fragrance and tastes like a very sweet mango.

Rainbow Golden Mango is heavenly eaten out of hand. It is also ideal for adding to fruit salads, warm dishes, desserts, and smoothies.

The Rainbow Golden Mango is ripe when it feels slightly soft to the touch. Do not store in the refrigerator! Rainbow Golden Mangoes can be kept at room temperature for a few days.

If you are a fan of mango, you should definitely try this variety!