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Rock Melon

by MBG Online on December 04, 2020

Rockmelon is also known as cantaloupe and muskmelon. They are related to honeydews, watermelons, cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins. They are commonly round with firm, scaly skin, greyish green buff rind skin.
Some Rock melons have grooves and seams, which circle the rockmelon. Rockmelons all have lovely, moist, sweet orange flesh. The flesh surrounds the seeds that are in the center.

How to choose / ripeness

1. Sniff.
They should smell like fragrant flowers, that’s how you know they’re ripe. If they don’t smell, you can still buy them and let them sit out on your counter for a few days until they are just right.

2. Shake.
When you shake a rock/cantaloupe melon, pay attention if the seeds are loose. If they are, then the melon is ripe.

3. Squeeze.
When you squeeze a melon, it shouldn’t be hard as a rock, it should give a little. Now, obviously you don’t want a spoiled melon, so it shouldn’t be too “squeezable” either!

The Taste

We’ve tried them with the melon stem’s still green, don’t have a strong fragrance. These show the rock melon is still not fully ripe but we just want to try them and share with you guys this melon performance. They will just need 1 – 2 days to be ripped. As expected from unripe melon, the taste is just mildly sweet, but crunchy. Mostly we Malaysians love it crunchy, isn’t it? Also, the juice is still not that much. But you guys don’t need to worry, they should taste better when they are fully ripe. They should be sweet, crunchy & juicy with strong flower fragrance.

Rock Melons have a spring and fall harvest in our native home of Malaysia.

How to Eat
Malaysian Rock melons are eaten similarly to other cantaloupe style melons. They are generally used in raw preparations in their native home of Malaysia, either simply sliced with a squeeze of lime or blended into a juice-like beverage. A common dessert found in Malaysia combines sago, a tapioca-like starch, with palm sugar and coconut cream. The pudding is topped with Rockmelon or other tropical fruits.

Nutrition Info
Rockmelons are a good source of Vitamin A which is an immune booster also the potent antioxidant. They are also a great source of vitamin C which supports collagen and strengthen the immune system.

Malaysian Rock melon is a variety of Cucumis melo that are very closely related to the domestic cantaloupe. What sets them apart is not only their slightly different texture and flavor but their unique style of cultivation adopted in their native home of Malaysia. The melons are most often grown vertically on trellised climbing vines, rather than spreading out horizontally across the ground. Gardens as small as 40×80 sq ft can produce upwards of 3,300 pounds of fruit in less than three months.

Basically, they taste just right for a rock melon and we are looking forward to your support and we are welcome to feedback.

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