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Royal Gala, Aromatic & Juicy

by MBG Online on April 12, 2017

Royal Gala are characterized by a blush of pink of the skin, the color varies from yellow to almost orange with deep orange stripes.

Gala is around sweet apple that fits nicely into a child’s hand. It is dense, sweet, aromatic and juicy with a white flesh.


Royal Gala and Gala originated in New Zealand around 1934, known as the result of a cross between Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious. They were introduced into Australia in the early 1980’s with Stanthorpe, Queensis is known for producing the best Royal Gala apples Australia wide.

Growing Facts

Most apples sold commercially are grown from trees that consist of two parts grafted together.

A farmer takes a cutting from a healthy tree of a particular apple variety and grafts it onto the roots of other apple trees (rootstock), which are good at growing.

Farmers do this to reduce the amount of damage from temperature extremes, pests, and disease.

The fruit that is grown will be the same variety as the cutting, not the rootstock.

In New Zealand, Nelson, Hawkes Bay and Otago are the main growing regions, although apples are grown in many other parts of New Zealand.


Gala apples are one of the first varieties Stemilt harvests in Washington State each August. Harvest continues into September.

Because of their early harvest date, Gala apples tend to be smaller in size than most, making this one a great choice for kids.

The Royal Gala strain was named to honor Queen Elizabeth II after she praised the apple during a visit to New Zealand.

Gala ranks second in the list of top 10 apple varieties grown in the U.S., trailing only Red Delicious.

Health Benefits


The natural sugar found in apples is fructose, which offers you a dose of energy. While most people should monitor how much sugar they eat, a sweet Gala apple is a better choice than sugary sodas, candy and processed snacks because an apple offers additional nutrients that are important for your health. A large Gala apple contains about 23 g of sugar.

Vitamin C

A large Gala apple contains about 10 mg of vitamin C, a nutrient that supports your immune system and produces collagen for healthy skin and wound healing. Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties, which means that it fights free radical damage that can lead to health conditions that include cancer and heart disease. Females should get 75 mg of vitamin C each day and males need 90 mg per day.


Carbohydrates should make up 45 to 65 percent of the calories you take in each day, which is 225 to 325 g per day for a 2,000-calorie diet. MayoClinic.com recommends getting most of your calories from fruits, vegetables and whole grains, making Gala apples a good choice. Carbohydrates are your body's main source of energy. A large Gala apple contains almost 31 g of carbohydrates.

Fat and Calories

Including foods that are low in fat and calories in your diet is a good way to satisfy hunger and control your weight. Eating foods high in fat and calories could result in weight gain, which increases your risk of several health problems. A large Gala apple contains about 116 calories and less than 1 g of fat.