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by MBG Online on March 25, 2021

Exclusive Combo Set ⁠➕
We have your favourite fruits in a single box for only RM 19.90!⁠
Get 1 pack of Blueberry and 1 pack of Grape in our GRAPE BLUEBERRY COMBO for RM 19.90⁠
Get 1 pack of Black Grape and 1 pack of Green Grape in our GREEN BLACK GRAPE COMBO for RM 19.90⁠
Get 6 pcs of Fuji Apple and 5 pcs of Lemon in our LEMON APPLE COMBO for RM 19.90⁠
Get 3 pcs of Pear and 1 pack of Sugar Prune in our PEAR SUGAR PRUNE COMBO for RM 19.90⁠
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