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Pomelo Combo (Honey + Red Flesh + Yellow Flesh)


    Pomelo Combo (Honey + Red Flesh + Yellow Flesh)

    Product Description

    Pomelo is a citrus fruit originated from South and South-East Asia. Sometimes it is confused with grapefruit because of their similarities, but, technically the Pomelo is “father” of the grapefruit. Pomelo is also the largest and least acidic of all citrus fruits, nor is it sour as other citrus fruits. Although some varieties are juicer and softer than others, the fruit is usually less juicy than other citrus fruits.

    Oblate shaped, the pomelos skin is thick with a cotton-textured pith that can grow up deep to 5 inches, but it very easy to remove.

    Honey Pomelo: The flesh is firm, less juicy and somehow crunchy. The taste is not acidic, and sweetest among the Pomelos combo.

    Yellow flesh Pomelo: Almost same characteristics as the honey Pomelo but tastes a bit less sweet, but Mild Sour instead

    Red flesh Pomelo: This variety has a pink colored flesh. It is firm less juicy but more aromatic and also tastes sweet.

    • Crunchy Type Pomelo
    • Honey Pomelo - Sweet
    • Red Flesh Pomelo - Sweet Sour
    • Yellow Flesh Pomelo - Mild Sour


    The normal price for 1 Pc of these pomelos is RM9.90, get 3 Pcs for RM24

    What is in the Fruit Box?

    • 1 Pc x Honey Pomelo (1 KG +-)
    • 1 Pc x Red Flesh Pomelo (1 KG +-)
    • 1 Pc x Yellow Flesh Pomelo (1 KG +-)


        1. Origin : Malaysia
        2. Weight : 1.5 to 2Kg   (Average)
        3. Nutrition: Extremely rich in Vitamin C
        4. Sweetness / Sourness ★★★☆☆
        5. Rareness ★★☆
        6. Seeded
        7. Skin not edible
        8. Sensation: Sweet-sour, not acidic like other citrus fruits.
        9. Storage: Room temperature or Refrigerate
        10. How to eat: Use a sharp knife to Cut a "cap" of the pomelo, score four cuts in the peel from the top to bottom at equal distances around the pomelo. Do not cut into the flesh, cut the peel only, and peel of the skin. Remove the papery wall membranes from each segment, then you can eat and enjoy.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 4 reviews
          love all your pomelo’s

          especially the yellow n red one


          latest ordered: Only Red Pomelo- super bitter & dry. End up no one eat.
          Other fruits- super sweet Very Good

          Good delivery service

          The delivery service was good. However, three of the four avocados that I received were too ripe that they had to be eaten the same day.

          Hi Noraini! Thank you for your kind feedback. It would be great it you could send us a photo of the actual product so we could brief our packing team to avoid this for future service improvement!
          Worth the buy

          Good taste

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